Pete Malinverni – The Tempest

Pete MalinverniPete Malinverni
The Tempest
(Reservoir – 2004)
by Paula Edelstein

The music pianist Pete Malinverni chose for inclusion on The Tempest are songs that he hoped would reflect a more aggressive cast than what his trio has offered to their listening public on previous releases. In choosing metaphors that depict great, unfathomable power as titles for “The Tempest,” and “Let The Sea Roar,” he succeeds. However, the remaining songs are not among the more “aggressive” sounds one would expect to hear if someone wanted to convey such powers.

Such Broadway standards as the Rodgers/Hart beauty “My Heart Stood Still,” Cole Porter’s “From This Moment On,” two versions of “Alone Together,” “Get Happy,” “My Idea,l” and “It Could Happen To You,” are pretty, romantic songs and are played without the aggressive musical colors that would depict fierce rolling fire, hot spray, smoke or water. So don’t take the title literally, but listen to The Tempest more as a very quiet and placid storm that captures the indomitable spirit of Malinverni’s jazz trio

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