Pete Malinverni – Autumn in New York

Pete MalinverniAutumn in New York
Pete Malinverni
(Reservoir Records – 2003)
by Paula Edelstein

At first glance of the record title, one would immediately think of colorful leaves and a brisk fall climate. However, Autumn in New York is a tribute to two of Pete Malinverni’s friends who were lost while helping others at the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. That was indeed a tragic autumn in New York and as a result Malinverni explores his own emotional and dramatic range with the help of two long time associates – bassist Dennis Irwin and drummer Leroy Williams. He passionately crafts contrapuntal sections that lead to improvisations of a sort not often heard in traditional jazz recordings.

For true varietal character, Malinverni added Simpatico as the opening track. Dedicated to his young stepson, it musically describes his optimistic, ebullient view of life despite that fateful day that motivated the CD. The pianist is creative, offers excellent phrasing in unison with the trio and together they capture their listeners one note at a time. The result is a group statement the listener will not soon forget.

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