Paulette Dozier – With You

Paulette DozierPaulette Dozier
With You
(PF&E – 2006)
by Narvy James

Hmmmm… Do you think she’s related to Lamont Dozier?

Simply put, this is a very good album. With familiar ‘singer’ songs like the always smoking “Fever” and Issac Hayes soul-classic “Walk On By”, Paulette shows that her range can cover a lot of ground. Her style is very articulate and controlled, reminiscent of some of Dionne Warwick’s early work with Burt Bacharach. In fact, she even sounds somewhat like Dionne. That is probably the inspiration for her gripping rendition of the Warwick/Bacharach classic “Alfie”.

Despite the obvious Warwickian traits (or maybe because of them), Paulette manages to pull the whole thing off with style and flavor. Other classics include “Ode to Billy and Freddy” and one of my favorites, “Nature Boy”. Keep an eye out for this chanteuse. More on Paulette Dozier.