Patti Labelle – Performs Two Sold Out Valentine’s Day Concerts

Patti Labelle
Performs Two Sold Out Valentine’s Day Concerts
Brittany Somerset and Gerry Hopkins

In response to what has been characterized as “Patti-fever,” the cultural connoisseurs of Jammins Entertainment, assisted by Gmax Enterprises, scheduled a second appearance of the iconic soul star, Patti LaBelle. Both shows – the initial one at 7p.m., and the added appearance at 10p.m. – took place at the prestigious Brooklyn Academy of Music, on Valentine’s Day.

The versatile two-time Grammy winning singer has over 40 years in the music business and is a cultural icon to multiple generations of fans. She performed her classic, genre-crossing hits like “On My Own,” “Lady Marmalade,” “If Only You Knew,”  “Live! One Night Only,” and “Burnin’ ” with her distinctive four octave voice, all while looking fabulous in a stunning bright red dress and high heels.
Several times she reminded the audience that she, “was 65 years old, and has seen her share of tragedy, having outlived her younger siblings, but she had the strength and the courage to go on, and so should the crowd.” These remarks were met with thunderous applause. The audience was mostly comprised of couples celebrating Valentine’s Day.
Patti LaBelle’s music speaks to the soul and it penetrates multiple generations; her music has and will continue to ignite relationships. No wonder the first show was sold out,” says Alton Aimable of 
At one point during the show, she took off her high heels, and then jokingly remarked she should put them back on because the stage floor wasn’t very clean. She then called a few random members of the audience to the stage, in an impromptu version of American Idol, and asked them if they could sing. While the first man sang so beautifully it almost seemed rehearsed, the second man remarked, “I can’t sing, but I can make love.” Patti, without missing a beat, lambasted the young man, scolding “Son I am old enough to be your mother. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, talking to me like that. I am an angry black woman and I will cut you.” The audience roared in approval. Her head of security, whom she said, “guards me like a Rottweiler,” dragged the young man off stage.  

In addition to her Grammy awards, she holds three honorary doctorate degrees from reputable universities located on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Patti has distinguished herself as a best selling author of four books, including Don’t Block the Blessings: Revelations of a Lifetime, and is a successful actress with TV shows such as “Out All Night.” Patti is a vocal advocate for diabetes and cancer prevention/treatment awareness. Part of the proceeds of the concerts were donated to the American Foundation for The University of the West Indies (AFUMI) Scholarship Fund.
For those lucky enough to be celebrating their love on Valentine’s day with Patti LaBelle, it was a truly magical night, not to be missed.