Patrick Simard – P.S. I Groove You

17-year-old drummer, vibist, and composer Patrick Simard is recognized for his extraordinary proficiency, contagious passion, outstanding versatility, and surprising maturity in his playing and his writing.

Raised in a small town east of Ottawa, Ontario, Patrick started playing the drumset at the age of 10. He studied a few years later with drumset teacher and author Chuck Burrows who firmly established his young protege with a solid musical and technical base, introducing him to the possibilities of all music genres, feeding his endless desire to learn.

At 15, Patrick taught himself to play the vibraphone. He also began writing music. At 16, Patrick was playing in clubs, bars, hotels, and a variety of venues playing styles varying from folk, rock, funk, to jazz.

After graduating high school with a 93% average, as well as many performance, composition, and academic awards. Now at 17, Patrick currently attends the Berklee College of Music in Boston on a scholarship, from where he will undoubtedly help shape the evolution of music in the years to come.

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