OZ-750 Organizer

The Sharp OZ-750PC Personal Information Electronic Organizer combines small size and multifunction utility. New features include the ability to download and install new add-on software applications from the box and www.mywizard.com. and a new proportional easy-to-read font in two sizes.

The great features don’t stop there — a new ergonomic design, a wide keyboard and one-touch navigation buttons make this organizer even easier to use. And are you ready for Y2K? You will be with the bundled version of DayTimer 2000 that is fully synchronized to the desktop. There are even software tools available for 3rd Party developers.

Using the Menu operations, you can customize access in each function to one key. You can also exchange information with another compatible organizer, or even an IBM-compatible PC. World clock, schedule functions, memos, secret classification of data and password, expense tracking, conversions; the OZ-750PC handles it all.


Add On Applications Capability
The OZ-700 series comes with powerful add on software that will allow you to customize the information kept on your device. A software development kit will be made available to 3rd party developers.

MyWizard Enabled
Install our free data loader from the included CD then access the MyWizard.com web site and you have access to over 200 files created to make your Wizard a truly personal device. Choose from Sports, Travel, Business, Jokes, etc created by Wizard users.

Bundled Day-Timer Organizer – Sharp Edition
With the bundled software and cable, synchronize your Wizard data with your desktop personal information manage or simply Backup and Restore all your data. This version of Day-Timer Organizer is optimized for the Wizard. Synchronization between your OZ 700 series organizer and your PC is built right in to the Day-Timer software. No 3rd party software to install or configure. Synchronize Calendar, Contact and To Do items.

40 Character x 8 Line Display
Large, easy-to-read LCD, with 2 font sizes, and Backlight Illuminated Display. Proportional font allows more information to be seen on each screen as compared to standard fonts

Time Management

  • VCard and v Calendar enabled through PC Link software.
  • View your activities with the many advanced Calendar features like 3-month Calendar, Weekly View, and Daily View.
  • Daily and schedule alarms help alert you of important appointments.

Data Management

  • The powerful Telephone application contains many built-in fields, and you can choose which customized Category your contact should be filed under.
  • Keep track of special days of the year with the Anniversary function.
  • Maintain a list of tasks you need To Do and prioritize them.
  • Memo pad is ideal for note taking.

Expense Function
Record business and personal expenses. You can create an expense report by Category, Date, Payment Time, or Reimbursement status.

Calculator / Conversion / Easy to Use on screen guidance

  • 12 key on screen numerical keypad Calculator with memory functions and margin / mark up.
  • Use the Conversion tool to convert between different units or currencies.
  • Also included is the Cost/Sell/Margin/Markup function

Data Migration
Transfer your data from an existing 4-pin Sharp Electronic Organizer (most YO series), using the optional dubbing cable.

Other Features

  • Home and World Clock
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste
  • Secret/Password Function
  • Search Capabilities


Model: OZ-750PC
Processor: Sharp proprietary processor.
Display: High-Contrast LCD with Backlight
Resolution: 239 x 80 dots (40 x 8 lines)
Contrast control: Keyboard
Keyboard: 50 Keys plus directional arrows. 8 Function keys plus page up / page down
Ports: PC Link
IR Port
Unit-to-Unit Data Transfer
Indicators: Calendar and Task Reminders
World Clock Daily Alarms
Memory capacity: 2.5 MB
User Area-1920KB for data storage, 327 for program storage.
Flash memory system. No back up battery required.
Software (for PC): Day-Timer Organizer- Sharp Edition. Sharp version of Day-Timer Organizer 2000 optimized for the OZ 700 series. Includes synchronization software.
Other features: Secret function, data transfer, one-touch navigation.
Accessories (included) : PC Link cable and docking module. 4 pin to 9 pin serial.
Battery: Operating: 2 x AA Alkaline (included) Flash memory system does not require back up battery.
Operating temperature: 0deg. C to 40deg. C ( 32deg. F to 104deg. F)
Dimensions: 6.4 ” x 3.2″ x .9 ” (162mm x 81.5 mm x 22mm)
Weight: 9.5 oz ( 235g)
Warranty: 1 year parts and labor limited warranty.