Nick Colionne and Peter White Jammin at the Metropole

Jammin’ at The Metropole
Nick Colionne and Peter White
by S.H. Watkins, Sr. The Art Porter benefit show was over. The turnout was great, the performances were inspired and the evening one of the memorable in recent history for me. We closed things out at the Park West, made sure all the performers and their belongings were back at the hotel, then we went for a drink at the Metropole room.

By the time we arrived, the room was crowded and the music of guitarist Nick Colionne filled the air. The producers and staff from the show were amongst the guest, as were Brenda Russell and Jeff Lorber. I even spotted Peter White sitting at a table by the dance floor, watching intently as Colionne put his axe through it’s paces. I was impressed by his dexterity and the agility of his fingers as he ran through a medley of jazz favorites and originals. Apparently Peter White was impressed too.

While sidling up to the bar, I heard Nick’s licks being augmented by some very familiar strains… Peter White had taken up his guitar, joining Colionne on the floor for what was to be 45 minutes of rollicking fun. This was the same Peter White that had just played at the show, but somehow different. The intimacy of the crowd and the lateness of the hour combined to bring out the R&ampB, funky-lick playing side of Peter and they put on a whale of a set.

Although Peter White could make anyone look good, he could also easily make another guitarist look bad… not so that night. Nick Colionne held his own, kicking it back to Peter lick for lick as the audience clapped and cheered in appreciation. When Peter finally sat down (to another round of applause) Nick finished up the set with some sweet Benson-esque work and left us all satisfied. Nick Colionne has an album out entitled The Seduction on Chicago-Lakeside records, and the rumor is that he just signed with one of the up-and-coming new jazz record companies on the block. (More on this when we have it.) Meanwhile be sure to keep up with Nick’s career at I expect to her a lot from this talented young guitarist in the future.

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