Newport R.I. Jazz Festival 2005 – Chick Corea

Newport Jazz Festival
Chick Corea Performance

August 14, 2005
by Matthew S. Robinson

Matched up this time around with bass master Christian McBride and drummer Jeff Ballard, local product Chick Corea cordially greeted the audience before opening his casual set with a bright and splashy rendition of “That Old Feeling” in which the light-handed arrangements let Chick set the timbric pace. Rising again to talk to the crowd, Corea then launched into a Salsa-fied “Desfinado” which was punctuated by McBride’s well-placed bass drops.

A springy “Windows” opened into a lush exploration before Corea and co. deconstructed Monk’s mysteriously-titled “Think of One” (which the thoughtful Corea dedicated to birthday boy Roy Haynes because “he likes that one”). As the trio’s explorations whittled away at their set time, they closed up shop with a multi-tempoed “Fingerprints” that left its mark on the stage long after Ballard ended the set with a tropical bang.

c. 2005, M. S. Robinson, ARR