N-Touch – N-Touch


(Independent – 2002)
by Ricky Miller

The CD starts off with the self-entitled title track “N-Touch” and that sets the tone for the whole CD, very uptempo with the keyboards of Matthew Minnieweather showing influences of Jeff Lorber. “Close To My Heart” changes it up, allowing Eldon “T” Jones a chance to show what he can do on sax. “Walk With Me” begins with the strum of David Allen on guitar, soon joined by Jones’ sax groove on this jazzy strut. “Hasta Luego” is smoother and shows how talented these guys really are, this track is reminiscent of some early Rippingtons stuff.

“Rush Hour” is another track worthy of mention, carried by the strong bass lines of Donovan Fairley and Anthony Jones on drums this track is sweet and smooth. The remainder of the CD is equally entertaining, particularly “Sweet Potatoe Pie”, and “Galaxy”. On the whole the CD shows promise for this upstart group out of Portland, Oregon. The production is a little flat in places, but the talent shines through. I hope we hear more from these guys.

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