Monk’s Music Trio – Think of One

Monk's Music TrioMonk’s Music Trio
Think of One
(CMB – 2005)
by Paula Edelstein
Think of One is the second CD by the Monk’s Music Trio and is the follow up to the group’s critically acclaimed debut release titled Harmony of Odd Numbers. This release continues the bands’ sonic exploration of Thelonious Monk’s music by the San Francisco-based trio of pianist Si Perkoff, bassist Sam Bevin and drummer Chuck Bernstein. Among the many memorable highlights of the recording are the trio’s renditions of “San Francisco Holiday,” which pays homage to Monk’s staccato, note filled melody. Perkoff plays the set with suitable verve without losing sight of Monk’s ladi back concept of tempo. Bevan lays down a waling bass line and contributes a solid solo but it is Bernstein’s Monkish flavor with his oblique drum accents and a melodic notion of rhythm in both his accompaniment and four bar exchanges with Perkoff.

On “Coming on the Hudson,” the trio demonstrates Monk’s strong influence on tonality and two handed technique which is utilized to great affect in call-and-response passages. “Think of One,” “Brilliant Corners,” and Rhythm-a-ning” round out the best of Monk’s classics and again, the trio reveal their uncanny ability to duplicate Monk’s idiosyncratic sound while intermingling their own personal styles. Monk’s fans will appreciate this versatile conception of his tunes as well as the trio’s ability to avoid a note-for-note stylistic rip off.