Miller / Petrucciani / Lagrene / White / Garrett – Dreyfus Night in Paris

Dreyfus Night in ParisDreyfus Night in Paris
Miller / Petrucciani / Lagrene / White / Garrett
(Dreyfus – 2004)
by John Thompson

On July 7th, 1994 five dudes got together onstage in Paris and played the following three songs that make up this cd. The heavy hitting quintet feature Marcus Miller(B), Michel Petrucciani(P), Lenny White(D), Kenny Garrett(S), and Bireli Lagrene(G). While Petrucciani and Garrett are more known for playing bop-style, and White, Miller, and Lagrene for funk and fusion, the guys display their abilities to cross into different styles.

Yes, three songs, but the best part is that they are long songs (16:36, 17:19, and 16:32). The first, “Tutu” is Miller-written and originally heard on Miles Davis’ titled cd. My favorite sax man, Kenny Garrett, offers his well known consistency for building on solos and projecting emotions. Lenny White, one of my favorite drummers of all times, does some really nice brush work on two of the tracks. Lagrene is solid and seems not to miss a note, and Petrucciani plays like a crafty veteran ala Hancock.

This release is not full of fireworks and the lack of rehearsal jumps out at times, but it is live. Miller does not back down on bass, and adds a little chill with his bass clarinet. There are moments, but not enough to produce a “most talked about” cd.