McCoy Tyner – Land Of Giants

McCoy TynerMcCoy Tyner
Land Of Giants
(Telarc – 2003)
by John Thompson

Veteran McCoy Tyner is still leaving his fingerprints in the world of Jazz. Within this Quartet, Tyner(p) has employed another veteran, Bobby Hutcherson(v) as well as two well respected youngsters, Eric Harland(d) and Charnett Moffett(b). With 10 tracks on this CD, Tyner has written seven.

The opener, “Serra Do Mar” is a perfect opening track, and displays much of what is to come: a well-balanced field of sound and musicianship. Within the multiple feels are stellar solos by Hutcherson and Tyner as Moffett and Harland are sturdy bookends. “December” is a lesson by the band on how to treat a million dollar piece of Art: With care, caution, and respect. ‘Stretchin’ out’ describes three tracks, “Steppin’,” “Back Bay Blues,” and “The Search” which feature plenty of chops from all.

Songs like “If I Were A Bell,”(featuring a grand solo by Moffett) “Manalyuca,” and “Contemplation” demonstrate the balance that the musicians adhere to. Ellington’s “In A Mellow Tone” swings like a home run hitter and fits nicely as the final song. This is great Quartet music which sounds more sweet with the addition of a vibraphone, and will be appreciated by anyone that enjoys Jazz music.