Marion Meadows –

Marion MeadowsMarion Meadows
Dressed To Chill
(Heads Up – 2006)
by Paula Edelstein

Saxophonist Marion Meadows epitomizes cool in the contemporary jazz scene. From the sound to the style to the image, every aspect of Meadows’ persona suggests a level of smooth sophistication that’s unmatched in his class. With the warm days and hot nights not far off, it may be time to put on something cool.” Like PLAYER’S CLUB, Dressed To Chill, continues to showcase the joint songcraft of saxophonist Marion Meadows and keyboardist/producer Michael Broening.

The team has been making some really hot tracks since Meadows released IN DEEP back in 2002. The CD opens with the steady groove of the title track. This uptempo, energetic tune sets the tone for the rest of the CD and is an excellent indication of Meadows’ growth as a songwriter. “Remember Me” is more melodic, more understated and finds Meadows on solid soprano and tenor sax lines that are superbly comped by guitarist Chuck Loeb. “Miss Know It All,” is a sleek, soulful tune sung by vocalist Will Brock. His awesome delivery merges the best elements of R&B and contemporary jazz.

R. Kelly’s tune “I Believe I Can Fly” gets a complete rework and “Scent of A Woman” (not from the motion picture soundtrack) is a subtle ballad with a laid-back persistent groove. Overall, this CD rocks, it’s subtle, understated and very cool. Get Dressed To Chill in every way!

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