Marion Meadows – Player’s Club

Marion MeadowsMarion Meadows
Player’s Club
(Heads Up – 2004)
by Paula Edelstein

Marion Meadows has chosen some of the best musicians on the contemporary jazz scene to spotlight on his new release for Heads Up International titled Player’s Club. The CD is a tribute to “all of those saxophonists and musicians who go out there every night and give it their all” according to Meadows, who produced and co-wrote nine of the 11 songs on the recording. He opens with “Player’s Club,” a dynamic, up tempo set that features Matt King on baritone saxophone in harmony with Meadows’ soprano and tenor saxes. “Sweet Grapes,” is a smooth, sexy, urban groove that has Meadows’ sweet soprano, tenor and bari saxes at the forefront. He is so smooth and definitely grooves. Then there’s “Romantica” a hot tune with plenty to offer his adoring female fans but unfortunately for the single ladies hoping to snare Mr. Meadows, sorry, he’s now taken. Marion pays tribute to his new bride Desi, with “Deska,” a sultry, romantic composition that has his soprano singing lovingly over a laid-back R&B beat. This is definitely mood music: music that moves and grooves and entices you to lay back or get out on the dance floor. Either way, you can’t go wrong with Player’s Club because of the great music and sex appeal Marion Meadows exudes from start to finish.

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