Mãrcio Faraco – Ciranda

Mãrcio FaracoCiranda
Mãrcio Faraco
(Blue Thumb – 2000)
by Paula Edelstein

Brazilian guitarist, vocalist and composer, Márcio Faraco has released his debut album CIRANDA on Blue Thumb Records and while his many fans around the world will remember him primarily for his collaborations with Chico Buarque, many will be pleasantly surprised at the universal jazz Faraco presents on his own. Faraco, who now makes his home in France, invites listeners to experience his Brazilian influences on tracks that feature the samba, choro, baião, bossa nova and toada rhythms. His lithe and zephyr-like strumming on “Aguas Passadas” and his beautiful, dreamy duet with mentor Chico Buarque on “Ciranda” is filled with the “Nostalgia” and obsessions of his heritage.

Surrounded by some of the greatest MPB musicians in the world, Faraco is joined by Wagner Tiso on piano, who as many of you know is the arranger of several Caetano Veloso and Milton Nascimento songs, Carlos Werneck on bass, Zé Luis Nascimento on percussion and Didier Sustrac performing background vocals, among others. Together with Faraco they have fashioned a balanced dance of native Brazilian rhythms and his new land of love. This CD is tranquil and filled with the minimalism of cool jazz but is as warm and soulful as the sounds that emanated from the great Antonio Carlos Jobim or João Gilberto. CIRANDA speaks for them all and you, dear listener, should listen! Muito obrigado a, Márcio!