Lynn Jolicoeur and The Pulse – World Behind Your Eyes

Sit back, close your eyes, and come on an emotional musical journey. World Behind Your Eyes, Lynn Jolicoeur and The Pulse’s debut release, will take you soaring high on all of life’s possibilities with an inspiring groove or fun waltz; teetering outside your comfort zone on a powerful jazz/rock beat; and feeling the many complexities of love through an upbeat swing or sultry ballad.

For Lynn and her band mates, music is about feeling, connecting, and being touched. For Lynn, that exploration is something like the powerful peace she feels when she’s near the ocean. But sometimes it’s as simple as giving a boost to the day or sparking a happy memory through song. From the first moments of the CD, the rich tone, supreme clarity, and romantic expression of Lynn’s voice will draw you in. Her cohesion with the band – with its catchy, contemporary sound, tight rhythms, and dynamic improvisation – will make you want to hear more.

The CD starts with a modern take on Chick Corea’s “Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly,” which sets the mood for this musical trip. The band achieves a groove that’s impressive in its ability to energize or relax, and Lynn’s mellifluous but powerful vocals fly easily over the tune. The song features solos by guitarist Mike Natsis, who exhibits a strong blending of jazz and fusion influences; and drummer Jean-marie Corrois, who immediately demonstrates his vibrant, intricate, yet seamless style.

The second track is a lively rendition of the 1933 Brooks Bowman classic, “East Of The Sun,” in which Lynn’s creative turns on the melody give the song an uplifting new feel. The band’s trading solos help keep the energy moving.

The third song on the CD, “Home,” is one of the first originals for the band written by its pianist, Steven Travis, and regularly receives acclaim from live audiences. The moving lyrics and beautiful melody, which Lynn delivers with just the right mix of strength and laid-back emotion, help make this ballad one that will keep playing in your mind.

In “Behind Your Eyes,” the title track of the CD, Lynn sings of a passionate moment by the ocean and a quest to reach that special person’s inner world. Also written by pianist Travis, the song features a striking jazz/pop beat strengthened by the compelling bass line played by Warren Olsen, and improvisational trading on the solos between Jolicoeur and guitarist Natsis.

Track 5 is the band’s unique take on Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Like A Star,” which beautifully demonstrates the varied textures of Lynn’s voice. Her well-supported vocal control is evident as she glides effortlessly between her registers, with a slightly breathy sound in all the right places. A relaxed Latin rhythm complemented by nylon string guitar riffs sets the perfect mood, which is capped off by a delicately balanced piano solo by Travis.

In the cover of Kevyn Lettau’s “Little Things,” an energetic but relaxed beat is fueled by the amazing alto sax fills and solo by Bill Vint. Brief drum solos interspersed with vocal interludes add to the band’s arrangement of this contemporary jazz tune, which might inspire you to stop and notice the little things in life we so often take for granted!

“Tucked Away” is a ballad written by Jolicoeur with help from pianist Travis in composing the music. Coming from a pop/rock influence, the song conveys a unique feel with a jazzy touch in the drumming by Corrois. The sentiment and strength in Jolicoeur’s vocals, and an edgy solo by guitarist Natsis, add to the layers of this original tune.

Track 8 features swinging vocals and drum work in a medium-tempo contemporary waltz called “Maple And Main.” Also written by Steven Travis, the song’s uplifting lyrics delivered in Lynn’s bright but warm vocal style keep the song moving, but also connect the listener to its message. A spirited solo by guitarist Natsis leads to breezy vocal improvisation by Jolicoeur to round out this original that you’re likely to find yourself singing after it’s done.

The ninth song on the CD is an original take on a hit Police tune. In “Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic,” Lynn and the band achieve a romantic Latin-inspired feel. The simplicity of the instrumentation is infused with a peaceful energy in the intricate guitar solo by Natsis.

“Out Of My Comfort Zone” is the first original written for the band by pianist Steven Travis. In this contemporary jazz/pop-rock song, the driving beat and Lynn’s electric vocals will take you to the edge of exploring your comfort zone and the off-kilter feeling of taking a risk or trying something new. An energetic solo by Olsen on electric bass takes off after the bridge and helps build momentum, which culminates in a vocal vamp and resonating ending by the band.

Track 11 is a smoky cover of “In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning,” the title track of a 1955 Frank Sinatra album. The purity and power of Jolicoeur’s voice help her beautifully convey the sense of longing portrayed in the song. That feeling is completed by Vint’s perfect touch on tenor sax complementing the tasty piano comping of Travis.

The final track is the band’s arrangement of “A Sleepin’ Bee,” a standard co-written by Truman Capote for the 1955 musical House of Flowers. Lynn’s innate phrasing talent is evident; and combined with the bopping swing beat, articulate piano fills, and vocal/instrumental interludes, gives the tune a fresh feel that nicely rounds out this eclectic compilation.