Lua Hadar – with TWIST

Lua Hadarwith TWIST
Lua Hadar – 2009
Ray Redmond

This CD caught me off guard. I was expecting… just more female vocals (I hear a LOT of them.) I got a real vocalist with some long range and power, and that certain secret ingredient that makes you restart the song and pay attention.  Clear and vibrant, Lua sings in multiple languages on the release and is as beautiful and clear in french as english.

Lua sings jazz influenced by pop, funk, Latin and international cabaret. Instantly accessible and truly exotic, this Broadway-influenced performer has been molded by exchange experiences in places as diverse as Bali, Russia, Switzerland, Japan, Thailand and Italy. Her fascination with world cultures is reflected in the sophisticated song choices for her band, TWIST, in the development of their signature “jazz without borders.” A unique and original vocalist with a soaring range, Lua interprets lyrics in several languages with a charming, swinging delivery.