Louis Durra – Rocket Science

Rocket Science continues the trio’s forward momentum with highly personal adaptations of The White Stripes, KT Tunstall, and Bob Marley. Pop icons are revered, then amiably turned on their heads. Two Mexican Corridos and a 170-year-old Quebec folk song also appear. Clearly, Durra finds inspiration in music far from his roots.

The group has not stood still since their last release; new bassist Ryan McGillicuddy has helped the group find an airy, lighter sound. The band has also evolved further away from the traditional balance between soloist and accompaniment. There’s a sense that all instruments are part of the drum kit. These are fine musicians taking chances and making discoveries. The group has much to say, some of it with great humor, which in itself is very, very rare.

  1. The Hardest Button To Button 3:05
  2. One Love 4:28
  3. Black Horse And The Cherry Tree 4:26
  4. Home 4:58
  5. El Mango 3:33
  6. Nine Eleven 4:29
  7. According To You 3:45
  8. Living For The City 4:48
  9. Back In The USSR 4:13
  10. Un Canadien Errant 3:54
  11. In My Life 4:59
  12. La Puerta Negra 2:18

Louis Durra – piano (Louis is pronounced LOO-ess, Durra is pronounced like “Durable”).
Jerry Kalaf – drums (Kalaf rhymes with “bailiff”)
Ryan McGillicuddy – bass
Larry Steen – bass on 1&7.