Lonnie Jordan – War Stories

Lonnie Jordan
War Stories
(Fantasy – 2007)

Ending nearly a 30-year hiatus from the studio, War’s founding member Lonnie Jordan makes his funky return with War Stories. On this release Lonnie breathes new life into some of his most popular songs including “Deliver the Word,” “Don’t Let No One Get You Down,” “The World is a Ghetto,” and “Baby Brother”.

Lonnie covers The Stones’ “Paint it Black” and the Jimi Hendrix classic, “Third Stone From The Sun”. When discussing the track Lonnie recalls, “I jammed with Jimi on the last night of his life.” He goes on to say, “I wanted something cosmic to mirror Jimi’s soul. We slowed it down to give it a sense of energy coming from the sun – and returning to it.”

War Stories details the incredible journey Lonnie has been through, battling personal demons on the streets of Los Angeles to performing in major concert halls around the world with 70’s icon War. “I’ve been thinking about writing a book, based on my experiences, musically and personally” says Jordan. He goes on, “Thinking about that got me thinking about the music, so this is the first chapter of my musical autobiography.”

Personnel: Lonnie Jordan (background vocals); Pancho Tomaselli, J.B. Eckl (acoustic guitar); Mitch Kashmar (harmonica); Pablo Cologero (saxophone); Fernando Harkless (tenor saxophone); Pablo Calogero (baritone saxophone); Sebasian Arocha Morton (bass synthesizer); Sebastian Arocha Morton (Moog synthesizer); Paul Alexander Gomez, Oliver Charles, Pete McNeal, Sal Rodriguez (drums); Dan Tai (congas); Davey Chegwidden (agogo); Ricky Rodriguez (cymbals); Poncho Tomaselli; Tara Ellis (background vocals).