Lois Dawson – Sunrise

Lois Dawson - SunriseLois Dawson
by S. H. Watkins, Sr.

Often we receive new releases from new female vocalists with promos that compare them to Ella, or Sarah or someone else. Although most of them are decent vocalists, many do indeed seem as if they are trying to sound like Ella, or Sarah or someone else.

Occassionally an artist stands out from the crowd, and Lois Dawson is just such an artist. Her release Sunrise is a collection of original compositions which include collaborations spanning several musical genres. Her interpretive style evokes memories of performances by some of the great jazz vocalists. Not because she sounds like them, but because her delivery is soulful and rich, filled with the nuances and subtle emphases that are story telling at it’s best.

The fact that she is both songwriter and songstress certainly gives her an advantage because she knows how to deliver the message/feeling/mood the song was intended to convey. It also works because the songs are well written, musically as well as lyrically, and ably performed by her band. To quote Lois from the liner notes, Sunrise was recorded… “live to DAT, in Gabe & Noah’s living room. Two afternoons, no edits…” The recording has a warm, club-like sound that compliments Lois Dawson’s sound. And Lois Dawson’s sounds is something you have to hear to appreciate.

For more information visit the Lois Dawson home page.