Larry Goldings Trio -Sweet Science

Sweet Science
Larry Goldings Trio
(Palmetto – 2002)
by Carmen Miller

On this their fourth CD the Larry Goldings Trio continues to expand the realm of modern organ music. Peter Bernstein’s improvisation on guitar is imaginative and skilled, as is evidenced by his solos on the opening track Asimov. Sweet Science is more avant-garde, showing that the term doesn’t only apply to boxing with some innovative licks and phrases popping up throughout the track. Unlike fellow organist Tony Monaco who tends to burn up the keyboard, Larry Goldings is more of a laid back cross between the lounge act and fusion jazz. Their take on the classic Burt Bacharach track This Guy’s in Love with You is very smooth and unimposing, flowing very well from player to player.

Larry Goldings listeners will find this CD a little bit away from his normal ‘Jimmy Smith-ish’ tendencies, stretching out a little bit. It’s brave of him to change his path just when the group is becoming known for it’s creativity and style, but the gamble pays off here. The airy Come in and Pray is a good example of this departure, lots of good guitar improv from Peter Bernstein and feel from drummer Bill Stewart. Although this CD won’t carry you away when you first hear it, you’ll appreciate the musicianship and creativity immediately. That will keep you listening to it, and the more you listen the more you’ll appreciate the creative direction Goldings and his crew are pursuing.