Kyle Eastwood – The View from Here

London-based crew of stellar young musicians including pianist Andrew McCormack, saxophonist Graeme Blevins, trumpeter Quentin Collins and drummer Martyn Kaine on his latest release titled The View From Here. Together they blend their creative visions on eleven diverse tracks that reveal their communicable band chemistry and transferable songwriting capabilities. The rhythmic title track is based on a catchy ostinato figure played by Kyle Eastwood on electric bass and Andrew McCormack’s left-hand piano lines.

Graeme Blevins and Quentin Collins float in half time on top of their urgent undercurrent and create a dreamy effect. For “M.E.” (written for Kyle’s mother) is a loping, melodic piece that features the bassist stretching out on an expressive electric solo while later in the song, Collins exhibits his penchant for Lee Morgan/Freddie Hubbard daring chops. This is one great recording and has sounds and rhythms that everyone will enjoy.

Just one listen to “Sirocco” will conjure memories of the Mediterranean with its blend of flamenco handclaps and Eastwood’s mesmerizing pulse on acoustic bass. McCormack’s versatile pianism is creatively placed in a great solo that leaves the listener freely exploring the tempo-shifting piece alongside the band. The entire band turns in exceptional performances on The View From Here and in turn, you dear listener, will feel the effects of this dynamic quintet. Check it out and then order your copy HERE.

Reprinted with permission of…
Sounds of Timeless Jazz