Keefe Marzell – Drawn Windows

Keefe Marzell
Drawn Windows
(Vintage – 2006)
by Narvy James

Oh yeah now! I just got back from vacation and first thing I hear is some hot new music! As a drummer hearing Keefe Marzell and Vintage, they strike me as a group that is trying to bring back the funk and fusion. This release is one that you can put on the player and let it roll till the end, then over a few times again.

This must have CD features some outstanding work by all of the musicians involved. Bassist T-Bone Hannan lays down a foundation with Marzell that you could build buildings on, and when Keefe interlocks with a bit of Hip-Hop it shows versatility and range without being over the top. This is a grooving album from a little known artist that you should really try to get familiar with.