Kat Walker – Jazz Skat Gumbo

Kat Walker
Jazz Skat Gumbo
Kat Walker – 2009

Steeped in the rich jazz tradition of the mother city New Orleans there is a “Kat” that is adding a mouth-watering spice to jazz vocal gumbo. Kat Walker’s new CD, Jazz Skat Gumbo, is a collection of 14 traditional standards performed with some of the best New Orleans jazz musicians on the jazz scene today.

The first ingredient in the gumbo is “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing),” and that is the meat in this gumbo so to speak, swing – and there are plenty of large chunks to sink your teeth into. Kat’s warm vocal styling is never more vibrant than when she is adding her spicy scats to the mix. Saxophonist Dominick Grillo is a perfect complimentary flavor to Kat’s voice, with a full warm sound, and he adds the right amount of starch to the mix.

Pianist Bart Ramsey has certainly been marinated in the sauce of stride and it is a wonderful overtone throughout the CD; just take a taste of “I Got Rhythm.” Drummer Dennis O’Toole and bassist Spike Perkins add just the right flavors to each cut making this a well presented dish.

Jazg Skat Gumbo is going to be a satisfying listening meal if you like your Gumbo spicy and meaty with swing in the New Orleans traditions. Kat is always adding a surprise spice in each song that keeps the taste fresh and moving forward on this collection of well-known selections. Sit back, get your favorite beverage, and prepare for a great meal!

The Jazz Skat Gumbo CD cover caricatures were drawn by Kat. She beautifully intertwined herself, the band members and their instruments to create this unique CD cover, further showing the many facets of Kat’s talents and creativity.