Joyce Cooling – Third Wish

Joyce CoolingThird Wish
Joyce Cooling
(GRP – 2001)
by Ray Redmond

Cooling’s new release Third Wish starts off with the title track, and the intensity hits you right from the start. I am sure you will hear this track on smooth jazz radio (if you haven’t already). East Side is a slow-mo retro groove featuring some feathery-funky lines from guest trumpeter Bill Ovitz. Joyce stretches out showing her style on the flowing Don’t mind if I do, an urban-groove piece that strolls along at a lesurely yet rolling pace. Vocalist Al Jarreau joins the party singing and scatting the hook in his inimitable style on Mm-mm Good.

The South-American tinged Tamba is less traditional but again showcases Cooling’s scatting, flavorful style. This is Joyce’s third release, and the first for a major record label. Cooling shows her staying power here by putting together a CD that’s both original and creative. Kudos as well to Cooling’s partner, keyboardist-producer Jay Wagner for his exciting, consistent keyboards. You’ll hear him on the breezy Daddy-O and throughout the CD. Other than Jarreau, the band is Joyce’s usual cast of characters and this probably helped produce the flow that you feel running throughout.