Josh Workman – Jumpin’ at the Border

Josh Workman
Jumpin’ at the Border

(Zoho – 2004)
by Paula Edelstein
Jumpin’ at the Border is guitarist Josh Workman’s latest effort and it’s a keeper! This great recording features an array of jazz styles including swing, bebop, Brazilian, cool, blues and world music. The set is a real musical journey and a remarkable voyage through jazz history…so hold on. The set opens with “Jumpin’ At The Border, a 6/8 minor blues that features the excellence of rhythm masters John Santos on percussion and Omar Clay on drums. Workman’s cool blues is truly memorable and leaves you with a feeling that you won’t forget anytime soon. “Sippin at Bell’s” is Miles Davis’ bebop blues that first featured Charlie Parker.

Once again, Josh Workman’s stunning guitar work will keep your ears thirsty for more of his great guitar chords. With “Andre de Sapato Novo,” the group further demonstrates their Brazilian music virtuosity and knowledge of the genre’s many rhythms. This choro is an example of Jacob do Bandolim’s style which features Workman’s crisp jazz guitar voice backed by an impeccable array of musical colors and textures. A slowed down tempo is what you’ll hear on “Autumn Nocturne” even though the version made famous by Claude Thornhill’s Orchestra during the Swing Era, had them jumpin’ on the dancefloor! “The Sweetest Sounds” is a jazz waltz, while “No, Me Platique Mas” is a bolero that was popularized in the 60s by Chilean-born tenor Lucho Gattica.

“Ow!” is Dizzy’s rare blues and “You’re Driving Me Crazy,” commemorates Count Basie’s swinging big band sound. Fronted by vocalist Kim Nalley, her vocal refinement is similar to the great Ella Fitzgerald. For 72 minutes, Josh Workman brings on the remarkable sounds of timeless jazz with this stellar nonet, many of whom played with such greats as Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, Barney Kessela nd Ella Fitzgerald! You’d be wise to check this out and don’t miss Josh Workman’s concert tour coming soon to a city near you.

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