Jonathan Butler – Surrender

Jonathan Butler

(Warner – 2002)
by Ricky Miller

Like an old friend, Jonathan Butler is back and smooth as he wants to be. “This Is Love” is a spiritual song reflecting his thanks to the creator for life and love. Rich and soulful, this is definitely the old Jonathan Butler. The instrumental title track “Surrender” is a smooth and soulful groove featuring Boney James on Soprano Sax. “Take Me Back” and “River Of Life” are also spiritual in tone (like track 1) but beautiful and heartfelt nonetheless. “Pata Pata” is also semi-instrumental (background vocals only) and gives Jonathan a chance to stretch out a little bit. “Thought of You” is a jazzy vocal track with a touch of Ben Sidran influence in it.

“Back To Love” is romantic, a love song where Butler shows off his gift for vocalese accompaniment. “Many Faces” has a nice organ sound riff carrying the track and again, we are treated to Jonathan’s emotional vocalese. I enjoyed this CD a lot. It is apparent that Jonathan is surrendering to the roots that made the popular artist he is, and regaining touch with those roots with the release of one of the best CD’s he’s put out in years. It’s a must have for all fans of good music.

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