Jon Regen – Almost Home

Jon RegenJon Regen
Almost Home
(HiTone – 2004)
by Paula Edelstein

Jon Regen expands his musical boundaries with Almost Home, a seven track EP featuring Regen’s mellow vocals, piano and Hammond B3 organ prowess. Joined by Jonathan Sanborn on bass and Eric Addeo on drums, Regen, who is mostly recognized for his brilliant piano accompaniment with the legendary jazz vocalist Jimmy Scott and frequent gigs with Kyle Eastwood – gives his music such a veneer of aestheticism that the listener can actually involve their personal experience through the songs. For the road weary, give “Only My Credit Card Remembers Where I’ve Been,” a listen.

This humorous take on getting around is fodder for the traveling salesperson, musician or anyone that hit’s the road on a regular basis. With vocals reminiscent of Billy Joel and Sting, Regen does wonders for “Hold Out Your Heart,” and “What Am I Supposed To Do From Here.” Jon Regen is definitely worth the listen and Almost Home is certainly among his best work to date. Don’t miss his upcoming concert dates. Visit him at for more information.

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