John Scofield – Up All night

John ScofieldJohn Scofield
Up All Night
(???? – 2003)
by John Thompson

Jazz guitarist icon John Scofield has released over 30 albums-cds and has played with countless other artists. He has done it all, mainly in the jazz sector. Whether playing with Gerry Mulligan, Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, George Duke-Billy Cobham, and countless others, Scofield is one of the most popular guitar players in the world. Although not know as a “guitar burner”, (i.e. Al Dimeola, John McLaughlin, Tony MacAlpine) the release of “Up All Night” demonstrates his musical consistency of 25-plus years in the music business. The tracks contain an interesting mix of music, in that some tracks are rhythmically stellar funk-based such as “Philiopiety, Watch Out,” and the 1970’s Davis reminder, “Born In Troubled Times” laid down by Andy Hess (b) and Adam Deitch (d).

Avi Bortnick adds samples, loops and rhythm guitar. Scofield displays an array of dissonant cords and samples over the entire cd, perhaps the best example shown in “Every Night Is Ladies Night.” I’ll admit that Scofield has never aroused musical energy from me as a technical guitarist, and on this release it seems as though some of the songs were throw-in quality with gadgetry as a substitute. I would recommend this cd to anyone who plays in a funk band or looking for some funky rhythms on a novice level. 3 stars