John McLaughlin – To the One

John McLaughlin
To the One
Abstract Logix – 2010
Sounds of Timeless Jazz

In his liner notes, McLaughlin talks about the sources of inspiration behind his new recording for Abstract Logix called TO THE ONE.  His perception of John Coltrane’s  A LOVE SUPREME  and his own endeavors toward ‘The One’ over the past 40 years culminated in a powerful and coherent display of musicality and spirituality brought forth with some help from his new band called The 4thDimension.

 McLaughlin recharges his musicality and spiritual chops on six dynamic songs that are sure to dispel any questions regarding the GRAMMY- winning guitarist’s  incisive soloing and unsurpassed gift for melodic improvisation. Compositional devices clearly inspired by Coltrane are fused with elements of McLaughlin’s own multifaceted approach, all delivered with a group empathy and shared vision. McLaughlin’s electric guitar playing is the key that opens up the promising roles of his inspired bandmates. On the opener, “Discovery” John’s propels them forward with sterling chops that he successfully relaunches throughout the set. The song demonstrates how close his classic approach is to the newer styles of his collaborators – almost 40 years later! Mature and soulful, the master  captures the essence of  jazz/rock sensibilities in an extended solo that is prominent with legitimate artistry.

Leading an inspired band – Gary Husband on keyboards, Etienne M’Bappe on bass guitar, Mark Mondesir on drums – McLaughlin produces a vibrant singing tone on the guitar that gives listeners the full purview of his zest for playing and a renewed emphasis on his spirituality. The songs are especially interesting and as we have heard, McLaughlin’s ability as a guitarist and composer reveal that he is clearly still among the most impressive artists in music – ever. TO THE ONE is a paean that will give followers of McLaughlin’s music another level of respect and appreciation to look up to.

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