jeffrey michael – after the storm

Jeffrey Michael
After the Storm

(fireheart music – 2004)
by paula edelstein
best selling instrumental pianist jeffrey michael has built a reputation for composing memorable melodies and highly-cinematic musical themes. his sixth record, after the storm, continues his visual style with original music that reflects his bold, compassionate melodies, dexterous two-hand counterpoint melodies. here michael’s solo piano thematic choice is shaped by his huntington beach, ca environment and thegraceful, steady, vibrant and powerful movement of the pacific ocean.

“the storm,” depicts the passion and the fury of the mighty pacific while “after the storm” defines the peace and tranquility that comes after the storm has passed. “the edge of the ocean,” is energetic and passionate and once again his compositional imagery is rich and vibrant. overall, michael’s impressive melodies are sure to endure for generations and you’d be wise to give a closer listen to his creative energy.