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Jason MilesJason Miles
What’s Going On
(Narada Jazz – 2006)
by Paula Edelstein

Jason Miles has brilliantly painted his contemporary jazz essence into the soulful moods of Marvin Gaye with the same impeccable detail that any great artist gives to a masterpiece. WHAT’S GOING ON successfully chronicles his re-interpretations of several of Gaye’s major hits released between 1968 – 1982. The CD offers fans of the present generation a glimpse into the deep subjects that inspired Gaye’s music.

Additionally, Miles provides Gaye’s diehard, seasoned fans with a different perspective on ideas such as love, peace, spirituality, sexuality, the environment, politics – ideas deemed important by Baby Boomers but which are just as relevant today as they were in previous decades. As a producer, Jason Miles is synonymous with the selection of high-quality artists and music for compilations that represent his efforts to spread the new music to audiences worldwide.

Miles, who is widely respected for his diverse compilations that feature an array of innovative artists, enlists the aid of established contemporary jazz stars Bobby Caldwell, Marcus Miller, Herb Alpert, Latin music masters Romero Lubambo and Cyro Baptista, DJ Logic and several new artists including Chiara Civello, to add a jazzy twist to the soulful sounds of Marvin Gaye. The result is Jason Miles’ stunning debut for the Narada Jazz record label. The many moods of Marvin Gaye are in a good place.

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