Jamie Cullum – The Pursuit

Jamie Cullum
The Pursuit
Verve – 2010
Sounds of Timeless Jazz

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been 10 years since Jamie Cullum released his first self-funded release called HEARD IT ALL BEFORE! In between touring on behalf of his stellar chart-topping hits TWENTYSOMETHING and CATCHING TALES, Cullum stayed busy and even garnered a Golden Globe nomination for his work with Clint Eastwood for the title song to the film GRAN TORINO. Now without the seemingly fleeting respect that many artists receive after taking time off, Cullum is even more admired as a songwriter and performer and his latest release,


THE PURSUIT, proves he’s no fluke.l visions. Cullum’s vocals are strong, engaging enjoyable and brilliantly complimented by members of the Count Basie Orchestra on “Just One of Those Things,” members of Beck’s band, and other highly respected musicians.  The stories he tells in his music, i.e., “If I Ruled The World,” “I Think, I Love,” “Not While I’m Around,” are comforting, sensitive and should prompt you to give a second and third listen to his admirable musical growth and musicality.  


A more in-depth realization of Cullum’s signature chops as a singer/songwriter/pianist are yours for the taking on THE PURSUIT.


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