James Morrison – Snappy Too

Snappy Too is the sequel to James Morrison’s recording of twenty years ago titled Snappy Doo and features Morrison playing four trumpets, four trombones, five saxophones, flugel horn, bass-trumpet and piano! Now that’s what you’d normally call a “one-man-big-band” but Morrision partnered with drummer Jeff Hamilton for this very large over-dubbing project.

The result is stellar and you’re going to be amazed at the professional sound that engineer Tod Deeley has given this recording by putting down one instrument at a time. This creative odyssey features James playing such great songs as “All Of Me,” on solo trumpet, “Up A Lazy River,” on solo baritone sax and trumpet, and “Some Day My Prince Will Come,” on guitar and bass-trumpet, among 8 others. It’s funny that on an album with only two players that the sound is as big as it is.

Hats off to this innovative project and the technical expertise that went into making it happen. Check it out. It’s Snappy Too!

Reprinted with permission of…
Sounds of Timeless Jazz