Jacques Loussier – Plays Bach

Jacques Loussier
Plays Bach
Telarc – 2009
Sounds of Timeless Jazz

This is music you should hear! With each release in Jacques Loussier’s Plays Bach Trio series, his fans have found that each recording is more astounding than its predecessor. On JACQUES LOUSSIER PLAYS BACH: THE 50th ANNIVERSARY RECORDING, the award- winning pianist has invited bassist Vincent Charbonnier and drummer Andre Arpino to capture the innovative fusion of J.S. Bach compositions with jazz elements on such great compositions as “Invention For Two Voices No. 8,””Siciliana In G Minor” “Vivace From Concerto In C Minor,” among others. With three of the 11 tracks recorded live – “Toccata and Fugue in C Major” and “Prelude No. 2 in C Minor” recorded in France; and “Chorale No. 1 “Sleepers Awake” recorded in Japan; listeners are able to re-live the wonderful experience of being present for these exceptional concerts.

There are many great highlights on this recording but Charbonnier’s amazing bass solo followed by the dramatic conclusion on “Prelude No. 2 in C Minor,” is definitely worth a repeated listen. One can only imagine the thunderous ovation that concluded this song.  “Chromatic Fantasy” reveals more jazz elements than other tracks on this recording and should delight those who are more receptive to these aural communications.  Although all of the other titles were recorded in Advision Studio in London, the excitement inherent in a “live” concert is present due to the agility of 75- year old Loussier. He is absolutely stunning and presents a major challenge for any newcomer to aspire to.

Lighthearted, pensive, dramatic and rhythmically consistent, this entire recording presents Loussier at his best when accompanied by the dramatic stylistic range of his new trio. This recording is brilliant and is absolutely flawless.

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