Incognito – Adventures in Black Sunshine

PublicAdventures in Black Sunshine
(Narada Jazz – 2004)
by Ray Redmond

After listening to the last Incognito release (Who Needs Love) I was worried that Bluey and the gang were slipping a bit. The CD was good, but lacked something. Turns out they were missing a vocalist; and with the return of Maysa Leak this album regains the vivacity you expect from our across-the-water cousins.

Her presence is felt from the very first track Don’t Turn My Love Away, a slick piece that is sure to get plenty of air play. Everything Your Heart Desires is classic Incognito with their harmonies and jazzy interludes. Their housed-up cover of the Doobie Brothers’ classic Listen To The Music is one of my favorites, with Maysa’s soulful voice shining through. Fences & Barriers is another one to watch out for, Maysa pours her soul into it.

The 25th Chapter comes on like a spy movie opening and then goes pure acid on you. Mr. Jones again shows how much they need Maysa’s warm vocalese … this song would not be the same with any other vocalist. In fact Incognito is better for her presence throughout this great CD, and you should enjoy it while she’s back.