Hiromi – Brain

(Telarc – 2004)
by Paula Edelstein

Hiromi Uehara wrote all of the songs you’ll hear on Brain, a set that consists of her amazing creativity, comfortable metaphors, “facile technique and fiery musical temperaments.” The songs groove you, funk you up, rock you and placate you through the talents of bassists Tony Grey and Anthony Jackson and drummer Martin Valihora. Together with Hiromi on piano they keep you moving until the last note! This trio rocks and they sound like a nonet with their many layers and expanded musical statements.

The top spot for intellectual listening resides on “Green Tea Farm” a memory of Hiromi’s home in Japan. Its melodic, serene pace is a beautiful contrast to the rocking, energetic pace of “Kung Fu World Champion.” Hiromi’s use of metaphors to describe her piano finesse is very apparent on “Keytalk” and “Legend of The Purple Valley.” These songs really work for me. Overall, there’s lots of musical action on this CD and it certainly stimulates the gray matter and should shake you out of any musical boredom.

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