Herbie Mann and Phil Woods – Beyond Brooklyn

Beyond BrooklynBeyond Brooklyn
Herbie Mann and Phil Woods
(Telarc – 2004)
by Paula Edelstein

Herbie Mann and Phil Woods recorded BEYOND BROOKLYN early in 2003 just weeks before Mann’s untimely death last July 1, 2003. However, the recording deftly captured the collaborative spirit of these two masters on 12 exceptional songs that will remain with you long after the recording ends. The CD includes Woods’ “Alvin G.” and Mann’s “Another Shade of Blues” and “Sir Charles Duke,” alongside jazz standards “We Will Meet Again,” by Bill Evans and “Blood Count” by Billy Strayhorn. Even though Herbie Mann who plays the flute and alto flute (while Phil Woods plays alto saxophone and clarinet,) was very ill when he recorded these songs, there is a vibrancy to his music that will live on as a reminder of his dedication, indomitable spirit and love for jazz.

Mann is still melodic and beautiful while Woods is less intense than on the first session with Mann 50 years ago at the now defunct Tony’ Bar in Brooklyn, NY in 1951. One listen to “Time After Time,” will bring tears to your eyes. However knowing that the proceeds from the sale of this CD go directly to support the MCG Jazz program, the training of more jazz artists and is a prize possession for any person that enjoyed the artistry of Herbie Mann, is somewhat a consolation.

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