Giacomo Gates – The Luminosity Story

Giacomo Gates
The Luminosity Story
United – 2008

Accompanied by a top-notch ensemble of John diMartino (p), Ray Drummond (b), Greg Bandy (d), Bob Kindred (ts) and Tony Lombardozzi (g), Gates digs into a wide palette of material ranging from lesser-known gems from the Great American Songbook to Ellington & Monk to Jimi Hendrix-all in his unique and compelling style.

Respected internationally as the heir to the great pure jazz vocalists, Giacomo Gates shows why in a stunning 2006 live performance DVD from San Francisco brilliantly shot in 4 camera high-def.

The CD portion of this double-disc, titled, Luminosity powerfully demonstrates all of Gates’ extraordinary talents, with a dazzling array of tunes covering 70 years of compostions ranging from Monk and Ellington to Jimi Hendrix.