Gabriella Anders – Last Tango in Rio

Gabriella Anders
Last Tango in Rio

(Narada – 2004)

Argentinean jazz chanteuse Gabriela Anders was born into a musical family, and listened closely to her father, jazz saxophonist Jorge Anders while she studied classical guitar and piano in her native Buenos Aires. “There were so many musical influences when I was growing up, I wanted to do something with them — especially tango.”

For her new album, Anders returns to her homeland for inspiration and flavoring, as she covers some of the jazz classics made famous by Billie Holiday — including God Bless The Child and others. “Her work has meant so much to me,” says Anders. “No one could sing these beautiful songs better than she did, so I tried a different take by bringing to them a little bit of South America.” On a return trip to Argentina, Gabriella was inspired to write the six new exciting songs for this great recording. From the languid sambas, to the cool bossa novas, to the passionate tango nuevo, this is a must-have release.