G. John Martin – Black Ice

G. John Martin
Black Ice
Nitram Records – 2009
Ray Redmond

The self-titled CD, Black Ice, marks the solo debut for this R&B singer.

At age seven, G John Martin discovered the Bass Guitar and like a dove from the sky the vision of his life’s destiny was born. By age twelve he found an interest in creating and producing songs of his own, he formed a local band, taught himself several other instruments and studied further the development of his unique sound. Not only did he manage to play the drums, bass and guitar, he realized his voice. Soon it would be clear his personal testimony and the beginning of his musical career.

His professional journey began at age eleven during a visit to Hollywood. He quickly caught the ear of performer James Mitchell of the “Detroit Emeralds”. Offering him a role in the development of musical pieces for several projects including his first tour. With his encouragement he quickly moved to study music and began what would become a long history of music production, Groups to his name, 7 mile under the Sony label, it wasn’t long before he was afforded many opportunities to master his craft. Within the next ten years, G John Martin felt the pressures and practices of the music business overshadowed his passion of music.

Deciding he would no longer work under the influences of corporate ideals and demands, he chose to quiet himself, find spiritual solace and honor his soul. This led him to Japan, a culture based on divination, deriving from a culture of people that was made of order. Black Ice would embark on what is now his dream come true of owning his own company JP Entertainment & Nitram Records.

Glynis says: “My life is music. I was a singer when I was born and remain a singer today.” His musical influences include Donny Hathaway, Luther Vandross, George Benson, Maurice White and Stevie Wonder. Glynis’ first tour as a bassist and background vocalist was at the age of 11 with the Soul/R&B Group “DETROIT EMERALDS” also having toured throughout the world with the likes of EARL KLUGH/GEORGE BENSON, AFTER 7, CLARK SISTERS, UNV of “THE MADONNA GIRLIE TOUR” and Japan’s Speed, Anri, YUKI KOYANAGI and KEN HIRAI, just to name a few. His amazing stage presence is with a love for his music that is best described as a total addiction.

Welcome to the world of G John Martin, whose wonderful style compliments a voice which cuts through the air like a cold knife then melts it’s way into your heart like warm butter. Uh Ohhh!…WATCH OUT LADIES!!!!!