Fred Fried and Core – Core 3.0

Fred Fried and Core
Core 3.0
Ballet Tree Productions

With the release of CORE 3.0 Fred Fried debuts his new group, CORE and his new custom 8-string guitar. This is certainly not Fried’s first album. He has recorded a number of trio albums with such jazz luminaries such as Michael Moore, Steve LaSpina and Billy Drummond. In fact his 2005 recording When Winter Comes, with LaSpina and Drummond featured a string orchestra arranged by Richard DeRosa and was cited by Jazziz Magazine as one of the best acoustic guitar recordings of the year. He has been lauded by many publications including Downbeat, Jazz Times and Twentieth Century Guitar.

Core 3.0 represents the first recording featuring Fred’s new 8-string guitar. “I was inspired,” Fred stated, ” by the sound of the great (classical guitarist) Paul Galbraith and his 8-string. I had heard other 8-strings but whereas most add two lower bass strings, Galbraith’s had a low A below the low E and a high A above the high E. To me this made perfect sense since it would enable me to produce chord voicings on the high end without sacrificing the bass. Steve Connor custom made this beautiful instrument for me and it’s been the perfect logical next step of my musical journey.”

Originally from New York City and now residing in New England Fred decided that for this new cd he would rather use local players and thereby have a trio that could gig and record and most of all grow. Fred continues,” I had done many gigs with (bassist) Michael Lavoie and I knew that I wanted him in the trio. He has the chops and conception to handle anything I throw at him. He always has great ideas and he’s fun to work with.” (Drummer) Miki Matsuki is rapidly becoming one of the most in demand musicians in the Boston area. “She started playing with my group at Bubala’s in Provincetown and everyone, not least of all me, was ‘knocked out.’ It wasn’t long before I knew that I could have a trio that musically could go anywhere. I would predict that both Mike and Miki will soon be attracting national attention.”