Four80East – En Route

En Route
(Native Language – 2007)
by Paula Edelstein

Want your music soft and mellow? Chilled out or edgy? Have it your way with Four80East’s all-new hit titled EN ROUTE. The Toronto, Canada-based jazz/electronica group returns with a smashing new chilled out introspective sound titled for its constant flow of instrumental groove on 11 great songs. The coolly thumping and hypnotic “Noodle Soup” is a hybrid dance, trip and jazz track ringing with plenty of Four80East’s old school soul and jazz influences. Nominated for a Canadian Smooth Jazz Award, this song is hot.

Out front on all tracks is Tony Grace on percussion and programming and Rob DeBoer on guitar, bass and programming. The two (collectively known as Boomtang), pick up the tempo on the fusion flavored title track and spacey jazz electronica gem “51 Division.” “Closer” features some sexy late night guitar riffs and vocals that drift over the dreamy synth and saxophone textures which makes this song the perfect “I’m on my way over” song.

Four80East is hotter than hot, and the band is back in their “spyish James Bond mood.” En Route is mixed to the hilt, with all-new material that moves this band forward. It’s definitely worth the 5-year wait since the release of Round 3.

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