Family Guy – Live in Las Vegas

“Family Guy”
Live in Las Vegas

(Geffen /20th Century Fox – 2005)
by Matthew S. Robinson

Having stormed the airwaves with their recently-revived show, the Griffins have now taken their show on the road in an effort to bring the problems of puberty, instances of infantile ire, and tales of canine carousing to the masses. And they are not alone!

With help from local dignitaries like Mayor Adam West and such Vegas vets as Patti LuPone, Fox¹s first family lets it rip at everyone from the French to the Smurfs. Rhyming “Justin Timberhomo” with “Wachowskis,” little Stewie & co. continue their campaign for world domination. Along the way, they stop to pay tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim, old school sitcoms, and their fellow animated friends. From the banter to the orchestrations of Walter Murphy and his orchestra, the show has all the trappings of Wayne Newton or Celine Dion- but with actual talent! And the enclosed DVD even lets fans see how these once-canned cartoons made it back to the big time.

It may be crude and intended primarily for fans, but after all, it is family!

c. 2005, M. S. Robinson, ARR