Elliot Levine & Urban Grooves – 347 Live!

What a difference an “e” makes, especially in jazz. Remove the last one from Elliot Levine’s name and you get Elliot Levin, a free jazztenor saxophone and poet from hell with whom Levine is frequently confused. Even with the “e” back in place, this talented keyboardist and composer from the Baltimore/Washington area sometimes gets calls inquiring about hiring a Hebrew cantor. Levine just directs these to the proper place, the New York cantor, choir director and composer Ellliot Levine, and then goes back about his business of getting funky.

Levine’s background includes plenty of that, including an especially noteworthy stint behind soul giant Wilson Pickett. He has also worked with groups such as King Britt and Silk 130. Levine gigs regularly at clubs and festivals, including the St. Croix Jazz Festival. His group has opened for Brian McKnight and Freddy Jackson.

Featuring vocalists Brian Blunt and Koshka Raynelle.
Brian Blunt sang backup for Bruce Springsteen at the Superbowl.
Koshka Raynelle performed on America’s Got Talent and American Idol.