David Sanborn – Here and Gone

David Sanborn
Here and Gone
Decca – 2008

HERE AND GONE is a tribute to the sound of Hank Crawford, David “Fathead” Newman, Ray Charles, etc. Backing Sanborn are Steve Gadd (drums) and Christian McBride (bass). Guests include Eric Clapton, Joss Stone, Sam Moore, Derek Trucks and Anthony Wilson. HERE AND GONE was produced by yet another legend and longtime friend: Phil Ramone.

“Joss is a real phenomenon,” Sanborn says. “It takes a forceful talent to take a song [“I Believe It to My Soul”] that Ray Charles not only wrote but really defined and put your own identity on it.”

Sanborn, who has been friends with Eric Clapton for many years and a collaborator with him on several previous projects, asked Eric to play on Percy Mayfield’s “I’m Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town.”

“Fortunately he agreed not only to sing on it but play on it! But he’s got such a great understanding of what the music is about and the way it should be presented.”

Sanborn’s song selection – like “I’ve Got News For You” which features Sam Moore of Sam & Dave fame – gives the listener a glimpse to his sense of humor.

Sanborn, an unrivaled player who straddles the pop and jazz worlds while commanding respect in both, has worked with Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder and The Rolling Stones to name just a few. Remember David Bowie’s “Young Americans” or the Saturday Night Live theme – that’s Sanborn.

Night Music – his groundbreaking music television show on NBC – was produced by SNL’s creator Lorne Michaels and featured a remarkably diverse guest artist list including Lou Reed, Sonic Youth, Sonny Rollins, the Pixies, Leonard Cohen and Al Green. Many of these episodes are on YouTube.

As a child, David had polio. His doctor suggested he play a wind instrument to improve his lung strength. His father took him to a basketball game in his hometown of St. Louis. Hank Crawford performed during halftime, Sanborn was inspired and immediately took up the sax – the rest is history.