David Marq – The Hit It Project

David Marq
The Hit It Project
Red Distribution – 2008
Sounds of Timeless Jazz

How does one pay tribute to such an iconic songwriter as the late Mr. Skip Scarborough? That sounds like an enormous undertaking since Scarborough’s songbook includes over 200 certified Gold or Platinum singles that are still all over the airwaves and were responsible for enhancing and/or making the careers of such great artists as Earth Wind and Fire, The Emotions, Bill Withers, Patti LaBelle, Anita Baker, LTD, and so many more.

However, saxophonist David Marq does it and does it well on his debut release titled THE HIT IT PROJECT. This great compilation of 12 of Scarborough’s amazing hits plus two bonus tracks has all of your favorite songs and will immediately take you to that special place reserved in your heart for Skip Scarborough. Hearing David Marq’s smooth sax versions of such hits as “You Can’t Hide Love,” “Love Ballad,” “Lovely Day” “Giving You The Best That I’ve Got” “Loving You, Loving Me,” transports the mind and spirit into his smooth grooves and interpretations with the kind of satisfaction one gets when the mood is just right and the person you’re with makes it all good.

Marq is imaginative and has an exceptional command of his instrument. He treats listeners to a plethora of grooves, melodics and harmonic adventures that all culminate in the good feelings left by the Scarborough legacy.  Skip’s wife and well respected gospel singer Alton joins David Marq on “They Say.” He comps Alton with grace and spirituality to make this song emotionally compelling.  Skip’s son Marc takes “Love Ballad” to another level on the bonus track and will bring tears to your eyes especially when you explore the underlying meaning of the song. His voice is filled with equal parts of sensitivity, beauty, soul, and emotion. Just one listen to this excellent CD and you’ll know it’s gonna be “A Lovely Day.”

This CD rocks in a big way and if you want a thorough reference to the great songs of Skip Scarborough,  make sure it’s in your record collection

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