David Binney – In The Paint

David Binney
In The Paint
Posi-Tone – 2009

Alto Sax sensation David Binney joins forces with Trombonist Alan Ferber on “In The Paint”. Turning each of their compositional talents toward the harmonious creation of a wide variety of entertaining ensemble performances the entire session is highlighted by a pleasant combination of melodicism and surprising improvisations.

The program is delightfully engaging and prominently features the flowing rhythms of veteran drummer Gerald Cleaver, the inventive counterpoint of bassist Thomas Morgan, an interesting new discovery in Peter Schlamb on vibes, and the wide harmonic palette of the celebrated musical prodigy John Escreet on piano.

While all these players on the date have strong voices and are capable of delivering jump shots from the “out” side of jazz, this record ultimately scores points because of the productive and skillful team play of the entire ensemble as they interact with the melodies and harmonic structures of the compositions.

Binney/Ferber’s “In The Paint” is a musical slam dunk that is sure to please jazz fans everywhere, and a compositional tour de force for discerning listeners to enjoy time after time.

David Binney – Alto Sax
Alan Ferber – Trombonist
Thomas Morgan – Bass
Gerald Cleaver – Drums