David Becker Tribune – Where’s Henning?

Where's Henning?Where’s Henning?
David Becker Tribune
(Paras Recording – 2004)
by Paula Edelstein

“This is probably the best thing we’ve ever done,” says David Becker, one of the best contemporary jazz guitarists on the international music scene. You’ll be prone to agree after listening to the chemistry between David, Bruce Becker on drums and percussion, and Tom Lilly on electric bass. Together they showcase several adventurous originals and offer fresh takes on Wayne Shorter’s “Footprints,” Miles Davis’ “All Blues,” and Thelonious Monk’s “Well You Needn’t.”

The David Becker Tribune, plays a variety of jazz styles including their most heralded form – fusion – but they swing, bop and groove their way through this excellent 12-track recording. There’s the essence of cool jazz on “The Bridge Out Of Town,” which reminds you of the great Jim Hall’s guitar stylings at times. Then there’s the title track, which harkens back to the best of Pat Metheny’s great trios. But overall, the influences felt in this excellent CD are Becker, Becker and Lilly through and through.

Check them out at www.davidbeckertribune.com.

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