Dave Koz at the Glen Ellen Winery

Dave Koz Dave Koz
Live at the Glen Ellen Winery
by Paula Edelstein

On October 13th, California’s Glen Ellen Winery presented Dave Koz at its 2000 Hyatt Newporter Summer Jazz Series in Newport Beach and if you haven’t discovered what millions of people already know about the great Dave Koz, then it’s time you woke up! Dave Koz added the finishing touches to his pop jazz masterpiece, THE DANCE, before a sold-out audience in one of Southern California’s most intimate and scenic concert venues. A few things come to mind that one can enjoy under a full moon and starry night. But tonight, those things had to wait because after listening to his great CD in the car as we drove to Newport Beach, we were “jazzed” about actually seeing Dave Koz perform those songs “LIVE” on stage. And perform he did! Dave blew an awesome set for his beautiful audience. For Koz’s many, many fans, tonight was a savory treat because this particular night was his 10-year anniversary in showbiz and the highpoint of the stellar success of THE DANCE, which has been reigning on the smooth jazz charts for over a year! Get down Dave! From romance to high energy dance, Dave Koz’s set list lit up the sky. Beautiful fireworks shot off overhead in the brilliant night sky in what had to be the best coincidental cosmic display of appreciation from his universe of fans!

Switching between tenor and soprano saxophones, Dave Koz showed why he is a master showman. We’d never seen anyone take their hands completely off the saxophone and still blow at the same time! That brought a wild response from the audience and as Dave played the sexy “Surrender,” it was all over for the ladies! His adoring female fans did “surrender” and ran to meet him as he walked up the aisle playing his great sax melodies. For anyone that thinks smooth jazz isn’t exciting, you haven’t seen Dave Koz! Along with Tony Maiden on guitar, Bill Sharpe on bass, and Stevie O on vocals on “Careless Whisper,” the beautiful dance going on between Dave, his band, and the audience was an evening to remember. “Can’t Let You Go” (The Sha la Song) was so much fun and had the crowd “auditioning” for Dave’s road trip! “I’ll Be There,” and “Cuban Hideaway,” swept the audience away in a flood of great memories. “Know You By Heart,” was so beautiful that we sat there mesmerized as the notes floated over the night air. I must say, Dave took us from one end of the musical spectrum to the other and at that point, the world was at peace and love reigned. The entire set gave new meaning to “You Are Me, I Am You” and after seven standing ovations, there is only one heart beating between Dave Koz and his fans.